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How To Make Your Links Multiply Like Rabbits

You know social marketing is the key to internet networking success. So, as any good businessperson would, you create and post only good, solid, high-quality content on your site. You visit and post regularly in forums and you've been consistently submitting articles to article directories.

You're doing all the things you know you should do to get links all over the wonderful World Wide Web. And yet, with all that effort, you're still not getting the results you had hoped for. What gives?

Although you caught the boat, the Queen Mary is sailing right by. There's more you can do to make links appear. Once you know the secret, it's almost like magic!

Typically, people just submit articles to article directories. Here's a little secret: anyone with a pulse (and maybe some authors without one, the jury's still out) can get articles published in an article directory. It's what happens after that which can mean the difference between mediocre marketing and marketing magic. Whip up some article marketing magic of your own with tantalizing titles, enticing descriptions and compelling content.

There's more to writing a good title than simply describing the article's content. If you're submitting an article about choosing flowers for a cutting garden, "Cutting Garden Flowers" is a run-of-the-mill title. "Fill Your Home with Flowers Cut from Your Own Garden" grabs readers by the shirt and pulls them in. Anyone who is mildly interested in cutting gardens is bound to read your article. Submitting a series of gardening articles over time that people read and publish in places beyond the article directories will help you build name recognition and expert status. And that means more links, lots more. See? Magic.

Many times, a good title is just not enough, so pay some attention to your descriptions too. Not only will your descriptions grab the attention of those oh-so-important second-tier publishers, but those publishers often use descriptions together with titles as a teaser in newsletters, e-zines and RSS feeds. Grab their attention with great titles and then reel 'em in with tempting descriptions.

If you're stuck at the beginning of the writing process, go ahead and write the whole article and then go back and create the title and description. Oftentimes, inspiration will strike as you're writing. Consistently capturing the attention of publishers and readers is a potent potion for prolific back links.

Of course, you have to have something to back up those fabulous titles and descriptions. If you put all your effort into fashioning creative attention-grabbers and then the article itself falls flat publishers will quickly figure out that your great titles are simply illusions. And there's no marketing magic in that.

The second-tier publishers you're after, the ones who pull from article directories, want unique, high-quality, informative content. Write about your passions and add in interesting anecdotes to beef up your articles.

To avoid sounding too stiff, write as if you're explaining something to a good friend. Come with something engaging and original and you'll find your links multiplying like crazy.

Sure, it takes some effort to write articles that deliver. Just think of it as mixing up a little magic that can eventually increase your bottom line. That ought to jump-start your creativity.

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