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Become You. Women will Follow.

If there is some larger purpose to life, it may appear in our society, that is obtaining money and materials and women — and that these things will fuel happiness, or create it. But that simply isn't so. It doesn't matter how attractive the woman you're having sex with is, or how phat your bank account is, or how many great trinkets you have — if you are still not happy with your own life — what who you are a person.

Probably the greatest key to having a woman in your life — or many women — is to focus your energy on becoming the person you'd like to become. To stop wasting time on the countless other areas of life that truly do not gratify you — that you perhaps continue solely because of the motivation or concern of others — and begin to embrace what is truly you. What are you truly passionate about? What, if you could, would you donate yourself to? What speaks to life larger than yourself? Begin to look inwards — begin to look at whom you would like to be — and pursue this with the greatest of intention and integrity and wholeheartedness that you can.

There is nothing more magnetic to women — and people in general — than a person who loves themselves, and who is working to embrace the greatest version of themselves as possible. A person who is working towards their own gratification — their own happiness in their jobs, personal relationships, finances, ect — will be more lucrative to anyone. Naturally, these sorts of people give off encouraging energy — they often carry positive attitudes — and aren't willing to look at themselves, and to change themselves, in the directions that will hopefully bring them greater growth.

When you become so genuinely you — so genuinely at peace with yourself — there are no tricks that you must pull from a hat for people. You are you — and you express you as yourself. There are no false masks. Your determination is real. Your passion is real. The aura that you generate has integrity, and affects things.

Not a single woman, nor a single person in your life can be responsible for your life-relationship — your happiness with being alive. And by focusing your energy on enhancing your happiness — elevating your pleasure with your relationship to life — women will be unable to stay away. You may find yourself enjoying life in all sorts of new ways.

Be strong, become you as the best you can. Women will follow.


Tim Knab
Men's Magazine

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