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How to Change a Hub on a Boat Trailer

    • 1). Park your boat trailer on a flat, paved surface and loosen the lugs with a lug wrench.

    • 2). Slide a jack under your boat trailer's frame and raise it enough to secure jack stands under the frame. Slip a lug socket over the lug and turn it counterclockwise to remove it. Pull the tire and rim assembly off after removing the lug nuts.

    • 3). Slip the lip of a crowbar under the hub's dust cover and pry it up and off.

    • 4). Use a pair of pliers to bend the cotter pin tips down. The cotter pin is attached to the axle. Once the cotter pin tips are down, pry the pin up and out with the pliers.

    • 5). Pry up the tab on the axle nut's washer with the pliers. Remove the axle nut and washer from the axle.

    • 6). Tap on the hub with a mallet to loosen it if it is rusted or corroded then slide it off by hand.

    • 7). Lift up the new hub and slip it over and onto the axle. Set the washer in place then re-attach the axle nut. Once you've tightened the axle nut, pry the washer tabs back down.

    • 8). Slip the cotter pin back through the axle and pry the tips up with the pliers.

    • 9). Remount your boat trailer's wheel and reinstall the lug nuts.

    • 10

      Lift the boat trailer with the jack enough to remove the jack stands. Set the boat trailer down then finish tightening the lug nuts with the lug wrench.

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