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The new Media Is Causing More Problems Than It Is Worth!

Clients and their brands risk alienating consumers by running TV-style ads before and after Internet TV programs, according to research.

The majority of commercial broadcasters rely on pre- and post-roll ads to generate revenue from video-on-demand platforms, which allow viewers to watch shows via the Internet.

However, the latest study showed that viewers react negatively to interruptive TV-style ads, and attempt to skip them wherever possible.
And if they are doing that surely that must be true of regular broadcast television!

Now with all the current hype about the promise of "mobile"..., the constant barrage of how from now on everyone will be watching Star Wars on their cell phone, with ad breaks every ten minutes, or until the battery runs out just as Darth Vador is about to kick Luke Skywalker's backside.

And yet recent research indicates that 84% of mobile users just want a mobile phone just to make. Wait for it. To make phone calls! And they certainly dont want advertisements.

And yet just listen to this ringing endorsement of mobile phone advertising by one of the industries rising stars:
.We're about to launch the results of a major usage and attitude survey into mobile media in the UK and one tidbit I can share with you is that 'regular' users of mobile media spend less time reading newspapers. If these heavy users are a harbinger of the masses then we'll all be 'heads down' looking at 2x2 screens on the way to work; if this happens then advertisers will scramble to buy space on it.

It is terrifying to read such nonsense and to think that more and more advertisers will be persuaded to waste yet more of their marketing dollars on such a trivial medium!

At a time when conventional advertising is undergoing a painful discovery that it is nowhere near as effective than it was first thought to be, why should unwanted advertising on a mobile phone be any more effective!

But nothey do have an answer to the problem. The research suggested that consumers are far more receptive to product placement in on line video as it does not interrupt the content and is considered less intrusive. Bebo dramas Kate Modern and Sofia's Diary have been funded primarily via product placement, with Unilever using the latter to promote the launch of deodorant brand Sure Girl.

The research may prompt broadcasters to rethink their video-on-demand strategies to include more product placement, as well as less intrusive ad formats including animated overlays - semi-translucent ads that appear over clips shown on YouTube.

All of the shenanigans illustrated here confirm that the practitioners of advertising really dont understand what advertising is all about. Advertising is a form of learning where the advertising is asking his audience to learn about his product/service, passive one-way advertising doesnt to it in whatever medium, therefore why on earth to they think that even more passive product placement will be even more effective?

The primary strategic marketing communications battle from now on will be to see who goes furthest in empowering their customers.

To empower your customers you will have to:
Provide them with far more information than you currently do.
There is a technique which is media neutral, which already provides far greater choice and information than conventional advertising.
In the future you will have to allow them to make decisions about you and your company together with your resources.
This technique through its Event format gives your customers plenty of choice. Additionally it provides your customers with the perception of control!
It allows your customers to make decisions about your company and your products.
The technique allows your customers to feel that they are contributing to the successful running of your organization!
Because of this you will tighten your relationships with your
existing customers therefore increasing the revenue you get from each customer.
And the only form of communication that can do all the above so that you do tighten your grip on your customer is. Empowerment/Transactional communication!

Because this form of communication allows you to have an ongoing debate with your customers and your prospects, make regular two-way conversations available where they can debate not only about your products and services but the very soul of your company. Because that will be much more powerful than just putting your advertisement on television (or wherever) or Im going to sell my goods in Tesco (or wherever).

Then, when you get asked, Whos running your business? you can honestly reply, My customers through genuine interactive programs! and earn major brownie points!

Incidentally I have received many inquiries regarding the writing of a book outlining the difficulties facing advertising/marketing and the possible solutions. Well I am please to report that a publisher has picked up the option on my book Television killed advertising and that will be ready end of summer (September 2009) enjoy!

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