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Seven Ancient Inventions Which Are Mistaken As Modern Ones

According to foreign media reports, the Industrial Revolution is a glorious part of our time, we always tend to think that most of the masterpieces are invented from that time. But in fact, it is not.

A lot of things we use every day were invented for thousands of years, the followings are already in existence before the birth of Jesus and we are still in use or are very familiar with things.

1, Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest surgical procedures. Nose reconstruction surgery may be happened as early as 2000 BC in ancient India. At that time India had existed a punishment of cutting off the nose, so that people use the forehead to make up nose. In ancient Greek and Roman literature, there have been discussions of such surgery.

2, Dental drill

There is evidence of dental surgery which happened in Indus Valley Civilization and is as early as 7,000 BC. At that time, dental surgery contains dental treatment with a drill. The emergence of such a display of ancient dental tools used by the ancient is reliable and effective.

3, Cataract surgery

From the earliest records and the Bible and the Indian doctors are famous for cataract surgery. In India, cataract surgery use the tool called Jabamukhi Salaka to carry out the surgery. After that eye is be soaked with warm butter and then banding. Although the this approach is successful, the doctor warned that it can only be carried out when necessary.

4, Central heating systems

This invention was created by the ancient roman. You can also find it in ancient China. Now it is used in our daily life and you can use it in the bathroom. This invention is very effective.

5, Lens

Nimrud lens can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, it was found in the Assyrian palaces. They are likely to work using this lens. Petit professor at the University of Rome believes that the ancient Assyrians use the lens as part of the telescope, which would explain why the ancient Assyrians have better understandings of astronomy.

6, Metrology and calibration

Scientists say that the Indian Creek archaeological site show the inhabitants of the Indus Valley civilization invented a high-level standardized weights and measures system. This led directly to the technical standards for the measurement of angle measurement and construction of measurement devices became popular. The first is a regional or local government weights and measures established by any standard a simple, often based on actual measurements such as arm's length. Those are the earliest examples of standardized measure of length, time and weight.

7, Perfume

World's first recorded chemist is a woman called Tapu Ti, according to Mesopotamia records from 2000 BC in cuneiform, Tapu Di was the first perfume maker. She made the flowers distilled, then filtered, then distilled again. Archaeologists recently in Cyprus unearthed the world's oldest perfume. This perfume can be traced back 4000 years ago.

These inventions are great and marvelous. Most of us think that they are invented in the modern times, but in fact they are not. Are you still have a doubt? Then you can have a check.

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