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10 Google Adsense Tips

    • Many web pages host Google AdSense.www and internet image by mbs from

      Google AdSense is an online advertising program in which owners of web pages place ads, mostly text-based, on the sites in exchange for a fee. When visitors to the webpages view or click on the ads, Google will pay the owner of the site a small amount of money as commission. There are a number of tips that website owners can use to optimize their use of the program and improve their earnings.

    Don't Make A Site Just For AdSense

    • Sometimes website designers will create pages whose only purpose is host AdSense ads. Often, these sites feature language intended to attract profitable advertising, such as "asbestos," "mesothelioma" and "low interest home loans." If fact, Google seldom directs traffic to these sites, making them money losers.

    Use Non-Standard Ad Sizes

    • One of the main hazards to visitors clicking on your ads is "ad blindness," in which readers' eyes seem to wander right over your ads without seeing them. To avoid this, make your ads stand out by using non-standard ad sizes. For instance, avoid the banner ad at the top of the page, which most people stopped noticing in the late 1990s.

    Place Your Ads In Heat Sensitive Spots

    • In their AdSense Help section---available in the References section below---Google includes a "heat map" that shows where the human eye moves when it first encounters a web page. The map suggests the human eyes looks to the center and the upper right, making this prime real estate for ads.

    Rotate Ad Schemes

    • If you keep your ads the same, repeat visitors will stop noticing them. Change color schemes regularly to keep your page fresh.

    Use Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics is a great tool to know whose visiting your site and seeing your ads, allowing you to tweak content and ad placement.

    Attract Traffic From Image Search Engines

    • While many website designers know to load their page with words that will attract traffic from search engines, many forget that image search engines are a big generator of hits as well. Add a few well-labeled images and boost your Google Image search referrals.

    Use Contrasting Colors

    • To avoid ad blindness, make your ads pop by using ad colors that contract with your background.

    Avoid Non-English Words on English Pages

    • Non-English words have the potential to attract non-English ads, which few English speakers will click on. Avoid them as much as possible.

    Study AdSense Premium Sites

    • AdSense Premium sites, such as Maholo and the New York Times, receive special layout advice from an AdSense coordinator. Study their layouts for tips on maximizing ad revenue.

    Follow the AdSense Terms of Service

    • This is an obvious one, but an astonishing number of websites don't do it. Follow the AdSense Terms of Service or prepare to be booted.

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