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English Tip of the Day: 149 Expressing Numbers

Tip of the Day:

Expressing Numbers

Usage Tip

When expressing large numbers (more than one hundred) read in groups of hundreds. The order is as follows: billion, million, thousand, hundred. Include 'and' between the hundred and the tens when required in each group. Notice that hundred, thousand, etc. is NOT followed by an 's'.

Example Sentences

My state has three million four hundred thousand six hundred thirty two inhabitants.

She spent four thousand two hundred seven dollars.

Quiz of the Day - Ireland: Missing Word Quiz:

Fill in the missing word in this reading excerpt about Ireland. This type of examination exercise is common to upper level English examinations such as Cambridge Examinations' First Certificate, CAE and Proficiency exams, as well as for the vocabulary section of the TOEFL examination.

Ireland: Missing Word Quiz

English Worksheet of the Day - Inversion:

Guide to inversion and the various forms used for inverted sentences such as the negatives never, scarcely, only after, little, etc.


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