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How to Flush the Power Steering

Flushing the power steering should be done anytime that the fluid has a brownish look to it. This discoloration is mostly moisture that is contaminating the system. Replacing the fluid will save the seals and mechanical aspects of the system since moisture or water has no lubrication properties. The

How to Time a Honda XR70R

The Honda XR70R is an off-road motocross bike designed to appeal to young riders just entering the sport. The two-stroke XR70R engine features a 72 cc engine with a 3-speed gearbox. The bike has a 42-inch wheelbase and a 25.8-inch seat height, making it easy for smaller riders to mount and ride. Tho

How to Clean Brake Shoes

Brakes have a tough life. They live in an environment that is very harsh and are expected to work every time. They likely have the most difficult job of any part on a vehicle. Today's modern brakes are light years ahead of the brakes of 20 years ago and they are very cost effective. However, on cert