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Advertising Institutes In India

India is growing with rapid speed and becoming one of the fastest growing business hubs of the world. Advertising is one of the major sectors of any industry.A career in advertising is quite glamorous and very challenging because nowadays more and more advertising agencies are opening up every day.

Contract Hire Vs. Lease

The business terms "contract hire" and "lease" occasionally appear in similar contexts and have very similar meanings. This can prove confusing for casual observers or those new to the world of leasing and contract hiring. Examining the definitions of these terms, and their contexts and applications

An Appreciative Inquiry

During a meeting with a fellow Rotarian he mentioned he had just returned from a seminar on a new concept in the field of needs assessment. That concept is identified as "Appreciative Inquiry". Of course, being inquisitive I asked him to explain the concept. What I found was a whole new wa