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How to Update PHP 5.3 CentOS

PHP is an interpreter designed to process data on a web server to display dynamic pages on the web browser of the client. CentOS is a business Linux distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux that is free and open source. CentOS, like RHEL, uses the "yum" package management to install, update an

Java Switch Statement Tutorial

The Switch statement in Java is an alternative to having multiple "if" and "else if" statements chained one after another where the value of the same variable is being tested in each case. The Switch statement is more efficient in terms of writing Java than several "if" conditionals, as the structur

How to Install Java 1.60

Many websites use Sun's Java as a plug-in to run rich Internet applications in web browsers and it is also required by other software applications. Java 1.60, also known as Java 6, contains many performance and security improvements over Java 1.5. Download and install the Java 1.60 software from Sun