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How to Pick the Best Camcorder

Purchasing a camcorder can be confusing, especially to the first-time buyer. With so many to choose from, a ton of possible features and numerous video website reviews, it's hard to be confident about your decision. Technology advances quickly, and even current camcorder owners can find themselves o

How to Customize a CD Cover

You can create your own CD cover for your custom compiled music CDs or albums. A custom design will allow you to show off your personal tastes for your music CD. You can achieve this by using an online template. Design a custom cover and insert it into your CD case to show off your style.

"La Strada" DVD Review

Featurning an unforgettable Chaplinesque performance by lead actress Giulietta Masina, Fellini’s lyricism, and a memorable musical score by Nino Rota, “La Strada” is one of my favorite Fellini films. This is a movie no cineaste should miss, and Criterion Collection has done a great jo