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How Old Do Bonsai Trees Get?

Bonsai is an ancient Chinese and Japanese art involving careful pruning of potted trees to produce a miniature, aesthetically pleasing result. Despite their small size, bonsai trees can be very long-lived. Some trees have lived hundreds of years. However, most bonsai are actually much younger and ha

Landscaping Moorpark

The city of Moorpark was incorporated in July of 1983, and has enjoyed a good deal of expansion over the past few decades. Its location in the valley that was created by the Arroyo Simi River was once famous for the imported apricot trees that flourished there, and the reputation still attracts visi

How to Garden With Prairie Plants

Prairie plants aren't just the tall, dry, bluestem grasses popularized by modern literature and television in America's post-settlement era. Prairie plants include flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs from various habitats, according to gardening expert and author Allison Kerr. Lots of sunshine, space