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How to Size Line Reactors

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Line reactors limit the current to electrical devices with motors and oppose rapid changes in current. A line reactor is necessary for heavy-duty electrical motors like those used in factories. Choosing just any line reactor will not work and in fact can lead to the electrical motors becoming damage

Exploring Banana Plugs

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Banana plugs are male connectors or plugs attached to speaker cable, allowing you to easily connect home speaker wires to an audio source through assigned receptacles without compromising the transfer of signal and electrical transfers. They are named as such because they have a slight roundness at

How to Install a GE Igniter

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GE ovens generally have a cylindrical igniter that is readily available from GE or a general oven parts manufacturer. The igniter itself supplies a flame to the gas bar in the base of the oven. If the gas bar fails to light, it is generally the fault of the igniter. Each igniter has a steel covering