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How to Repair Torn Luggage

In today's busy world with increased travel for business and pleasure, there are more opportunities for damage to a traveler's luggage. Torn luggage occurs when luggage is damaged by airport conveyor belts or while being transferred between flights. To save time and money involved in purchasing ne

Things to Do in West Houston

George Bush Park provides a model airplane field.avion modele reduit image by jerome scalvini from Fotolia.comWhile many people traveling to Houston may think that all of the excitement and activities are located in the downtown area, there are actually a variety of activities available...

How to Repair Luggage Handles

Your luggage gets some rough treatment when traveling, especially the moving parts like wheels and retractable handles. If your luggage is still under warranty, you can send it off to be repaired by the manufacturer. If it isn't under warranty, third party services can do the repairs for you, but re